Vongola Decimo and his Guardians

Sawada Tsunayoshi

Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada (沢田 綱, Sawada Tsunayoshi) is the protagonist of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Although at first a cowardly and useless junior high student, Tsuna is suddenly thrust into fulfilling the role as the Tenth Generation Boss of the Vongola Famiglia , the most prominent Mafia Family in the underground, orcing him to gather his own Family to eventually battle for the survival of the world. His character development from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader dedicated to and willing to fight for the protection of his friends and Family is a critical element of the series. Although he himself does not wish to have anything to do with the Mafia, he nevertheless finds himself thrust into numerous battles, so far involving escaped Mafia exiles, a rival group of elite assassins within the Vongola, ten years in the Future, the Millefiore Family, a rival Family in the process of eliminating the Vongola which ended with Tsuna defeating the rival family's leader, Byakuran, and eventually the mysterious Shimon Famiglia. As the protagonist of the series, Tsuna appears in all the series' video games, as well as special appearances in both Shonen Jump compilation games, Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars. He also appears in the Hidden Bullet light novels, albeit in a minor role. On July 8, 2008, Pony Canyon released a character CD containing media from both his and Reborn's voice actors.


At the beginning of the series, Tsuna is a junior-high student known in school as "No Good Tsuna" for his poor grades, wimpy attitude, bad luck, and lack of athleticism, a fact which Tsuna freely admits.

Tsuna is generally depicted as comically horrified by the outrageous actions of those around him, generally causing him to become nearly hysterical, especially by Reborn's training methods. His lack of confidence and tremendous lack of luck generally contrast humorously with the positions of Leadership and external pressure Reborn puts him in. Despite his title, he seems an earnest individual with great potential; unfortunately, Reborn discovers that often the only way to force Tsuna to fulfill this potential is to put him in a life or death situation.

Although told by others that he is the 10th Generation Vongola Boss, Tsuna is generally unwilling to take part in anything that has to do with the Mafia. He always denies the fact that he is a Future Mafia Boss and tries to avoid anyone and anything involved with the Mafia, clinging to any element of an ordinary life he can, even stating that his Guardians and subordinates are just his friends and upperclassmen. Later, though he dislikes the violent history inherent in the Mafia, stating that he would rather destroy the Vongola family then accept such a heritage, he is grateful for the friends he has made since meeting Reborn. He cares a lot for his new Family and puts himself in the way of danger and even death in order to protect them.

Tsuna's personality has developed greatly since the beginning of the manga, where he was a cowardly, useless individual who easily gave up, to an individual of great resolve to protect the companions he has made, doing whatever must be done. Later he is depicted as comfortable with leadership, as the others in his Family look to him for decisions he dispenses without hesitation.

The Tsuna of the Future is said to be deceased, having been executed by gunning down, though not before making arrangements for the Future. But it is later revealed that it was just another special bullet (similar to Dying Will Bullet) replaced by Shoichi Irie. Presumably, the Future Tsuna has settled comfortably into the role of the Tenth Vongola Head.

There have been many parallels between Tsuna and Founder of the Vongola Family, Giotto, including physical appearance, Fighting Techniques, and Weapons used. Both of their personalities are likely to be very similar as it has been shown that they have similar goals and ways of standards. For example, neither had problems with appointing Guardians from outside the Family.

Gokudera Hayato

Hayato Gokudera was born in Italy and is 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Japanese (His mother was half Japanese). His Future dream is to become Tsuna's right-hand man.  Despite his image of a rebel, Hayato excels in his schoolwork and aces all his tests. Gokudera also bases a lot of his thinking and academic prowess on mathematical theories that he develops. This is probably due to his rich upbringing, suggesting that he probably had a multitude of private tutors when he was young. He idolizes Tsuna greatly and considers himself to be Tsuna's right-hand man.

Due to a traumatic childhood experience, every time he sees the face of his older sister, Bianchi, he becomes sick, sometimes even falling unconscious. Oddly enough, he is immune to his sister when she happens to be wearing something that covers part of her face.

When he was younger, he was a talented pianist. However, he soon grew tired of playing after his 'trauma', and instead, decided to join the Mafia. Unfortunately, since he was considered to be a mere pianist, no one wanted to accept him into their family; the fact that he was an oriental half-breed lessened his chances of finding a willing Mafia Family to take him in. To become stronger, he sought advice from Dr. Shamal, who, at the time, was working for his Family. Hayato seemed to have looked up to Shamal, to the point that Shamal believed Hayato to have copied his hairstyle, and even wanted to learn his assassination Technique, the Trident Mosquito. Instead, Shamal taught him how to use sticks of Dynamite, which caused Hayato's fascination with explosives, eventually choosing them as his main Weapons. This choice of Weapon lead Gokudera to become known as a human explosive because he hides Dynamite all over his body, giving him the nickname "Hurricane Bomb" Hayato.

In the Future Arc, more was revealed of Gokudera's past. He and Bianchi are actually half siblings, born by different mothers. Bianchi's mother was married to their father but Gokudera's mother was a woman with whom he had an affair. Gokudera's mother was a young, beautiful woman and a very talented pianist, whom their father fell in love with at first sight. Not long after, they became involved and the woman bore a child. However, in the Mafia, illegitimate children are not tolerated, and everyone was told that Gokudera Hayato was actually from the same mother as Bianchi.

His real mother was allowed to see him three times a year until he was three, when she was killed after driving off a cliff on her way to see her son. It wasn't an accident, because, as Reborn says, "It slid off the road at an impossible location. It's been said that there weren't even tire marks. It was instant death." Suicide was considered, but she had been looking forward to that day and had even brought a present for the young Gokudera. Gokudera himself was unaware of what had happened until he was eight. He had overheard some servants gossiping and fled the mansion the day following.

Although, Future Bianchi told Gokudera before he left the Future that his mother died due to an illness. She said that their father loved him and his mother. He asked her to marry him, but she refused because she thought she would be a burden to them due to the illness. Bianchi said that the illness had killed her while on the way to see him; so that could be how the car fell off the cliff. The fact is that she died and couldn't control the car. Gokudera didn't believe Future Bianchi, but all she wanted him to know was that he was brought into this world loved by both of his parents.

Yamamoto Takeshi

Takeshi Yamamoto (山本 武, Yamamoto Takeshi) was born in Japan and is 177cm tall, weighing 63kg. He is a Taurus with O blood type. His Future dream is to become a professional baseball player, and is a regular at the Namimori batting field. His favorite food is sushi, and his favorite drink is milk. His favorite instrument is the taiko (a Japanese drum).
Addressed as "Yamamoto" by almost everyone in the series, this baseballer-turned-Mafioso has a warm and friendly personality and is rarely seen not smiling. He is, however, very naïve to the point of believing that Reborn's Weapons are advanced kid's toys and that the mafia business is one big cops-and-robbers game.
Yamamoto's portrayal in the story is that of a stereotypical Japanese teenager; his name "Takeshi" and surname "Yamamoto" are both common Japanese names, his looks are quite ordinary for a Japanese teenager, he is a big fan of baseball (a popular sport in Japan), his family owns a sushi store, and later in the story, he uses a katana (a Japanese sword).
Future Yamamoto has shown to have learned everything about the Mafia and seems to be okay with it.

Yamamoto is the type of character that can make friends with everyone, and, if not friendship, at least respect. Characters like Hibari Kyoya have been shown to have interest in Yamamoto's battles, and Squalo has also shown interest in his development. However, Yamamoto can become angry when his friends are hurt or injured. He is also willing to sacrifice things important to him to save his friends, shown in the Kokuyo Arc where he sacrificed an arm (right before an important baseball game) to beat Ken; and when Squalo asked him whether he would choose baseball or the sword, he chose the sword in order to protect those he cares about.
Despite his easygoing personality, Yamamoto has shown that he has hidden talent as an Assassin. In fact, Reborn clearly sees Yamamoto's potential and often mentions to Tsuna that Yamamoto is a natural born killer, mentioning as well that he is the best athlete in the entire Vongola Famiglia. His fast reflexes and strong body from sports, mainly baseball, gives him a natural advantage and he is shown to be able to dodge cannon fire and wayward fireworks. Yamamoto is also a quick learner, remembering all 8 forms of the Shigure Soen Ryu despite only being shown once. He also manages to develop a new form of the style, the 9th form, in a life-or-death situation.

Sasagawa Ryohei

Ryohei Sasagawa (笹川 了平, Sasagawa Ryōhei) is Kyoko's older brother who is obsessed with boxing. His motto is to live "to the extreme!", which he applies to everything he does. As such, he prefers to fight his opponents head on, seeing any disadvantage as a chance to improve his fighting skills. He even barged into a zoo, expecting to fight a bear, but ended up fighting a lion instead. Every time he sees Tsuna and his friends doing something strange, he gets riled up and wants to be a part of it. Due to Ryohei's enthusiasm, he often rushes into things without fully evaluating the situation, which often results in his injury. He also has a short memory and forgets many important details, something his future-self overcame by writing memos. Ryohei is always hiding the truth of his actions -the actions relating to the Mafia- from Kyoko, due to an incident that had happened while they were in primary school. Some high school students who did not like Ryohei used Kyoko to lure him into a trap. In his attempt to rescue her, he suffered severe injuries, which resulted in the scar on his left temple. Kyoko still feels responsible for this incident, though she accepts that he needs to fight. He is deeply concerned for Kyoko's safety, so he covers up his actual life-or-death battles with the cover story of "Sumo matches."He is known to have great boxing skills in the Vongola Familigia

Hibari Kyoya

Kyoya Hibari (雲雀 恭弥, Hibari Kyōya) is the leader of the Namimori Middle Discipline Committee, a group of delinquents who all are loyal to Hibari. He is a violent delinquent who uses his status to harass other students. As shown several times in the series, he prefers to be alone and cares little for his subordinates. He loves Namimori more than anything and will often say "I'll bite you to death," or "kamikorosu," to those that disturb Namimori Middle School. Hibari is very proud of his school and is apparently the only person who likes their school's anthem, even using it as his ringtone. In the Kokuyo Arc, he adopted one of the Kokuyo assassins, Birds' bird. The bird (subsequently nicknamed "Hibird" due to its connection to Hibari) becomes attached to Hibari. Hibird can also sing the school's anthem as Hibari loves it. Reborn piqued Hibari's curiosity early on in the series, and Hibari considers him a worthy opponent, having a strong urge to fight him. He has a soft spot for small animals. He hates to be indebted to anyone and strives to pay them back as soon as possible.


Lambo is a 5-year-old hitman, who often refers to himself in third person as Lambo-san affiliated with the Bovino ("Bovino" means "Cattle" in Italian) Famiglia. He is the Vongola Lightning Guardian and the youngest Guardian. He was born in Italy. His main choice of weapons are pink hand grenades, and his future dream is to rule the world. Lambo dresses in a cow suit complete with a tail, and has a huge afro with horns on the sides of his head, which gives him the appearance of a bison. He comes to Japan to kill Reborn so he can prove that he is worthy of becoming his own Family's Boss. However, he is a complete crybaby and is no match for Reborn.

Rokudo Mukuro

Mukuro Rokudo (六道 骸, Rokudo Mukuro) is one of the main characters of Reborn! and is the first season's primary villain. He later becomes the Guardian of Mist.
Portrayed as the series' first primary antagonist, Mukuro Rokudo is introduced as a 15-year-old Mafia criminal wearing a Kokuyo school uniform with a so-called "pineapple" hairstyle. He is the leader of the Kokuyo Gang, which consists of heinous criminals who have recently escaped from Prison. However, later on in the series, he takes on a more supportive role for the series' main characters, becoming somewhat of an ally rather than an enemy, though he prefers to not consider himself as one of their allies and tries to avoid any involvement with Mafia organization.

Dokuro Chrome

Chrome Dokuro is a 13-year-old girl wearing a Kokuyo school uniform and was first introduced as Tsuna's mystery Mist Guardian. She is a nice, innocent girl but can be very shy at times. She never opens up to anyone except Mukuro because she had a completely antisocial life before she met Mukuro. She gets confused when someone is kind to her since she had never imagined that her existence could be accepted by people. Chrome is almost never seen as angry or holding any grudges against people, even when she gets hurt. Because of her nature, some people can't be honest with her or think of her as pitiful. She tends to lean on Mukuro for help; however, in the Future, she becomes determined to get stronger to help the people who are dear to her. She seems to like skulls since her boots, belt, eyepatch, and even her wallet has a skull picture on it.



Reborn the holder of the Sun Pacifier. The titular character, Reborn is an infant hitman belonging to the Vongola Family. As the Vongola IX's most trusted member, he becomes Tsuna's home tutor and trains him into becoming a mafia Boss. Since he is an official Vongola Member and is only there to train Tsuna, he is not allowed to directly interfere with most of Tsuna's battles, though he is allowed to defend against attacks directed solely at him. His "partner" is a shape-shifting chameleon named Leon, who usually sits on Reborn's fedora(hat). The Bullets used by Reborn are created inside Leon. When Reborn's student is gradually progressing, Leon's tail falls off, his shape-shifting Abilities become unstable, and he is no longer able to create bullets. After Leon creates special items for the student, he returns to normal. No matter how strong the emotion, Reborn always keeps a straight face and handles many situations as calmly as possible. Reborn often says "Ciaossu" (a mix of the Italian "ciao" and the Japanese "ossu", which is a casual male greeting). He randomly appears dressed as "another person" who no one except Dino and Tsuna recognize, and seems to see nothing unusual in any of his own behavior; often he uses costumes when he goes undercover to view Tsuna's progress.

In the Future, Reborn is mentioned to be dead, and in order to avoid the Negative Seven Rays which Byakuran unleashed in the atmosphere in order to slowly kill the Arcobaleno, the past Reborn remains in Tsuna's underground base and wears a special suit. Reborn's special attack is called Chaos Shot, in which he fires a Sun Attribute beam out of Leon in pistol form. The beam can split up into several other beams at Reborn's command, and can hit multiple enemies or hit the same enemy from different directions. His Trial was the ability to fight for the Family as a Boss. In the anime, his infant form is voiced by Neeko and his adult form is voiced by Ken Narita.


Verde is the holder of the Lightning Pacifier. He is briefly mentioned by Reborn as the person who sent assassins to kill Tsuna. Apparently, Verde is knowledgeable about camouflage and invisibility, so he gives his subordinates suits that can make them invisible to everyone but children. Verde believes that he should be able to see his subordinates in case they ever try to sneak up on him in order to kill him. His Animal is a Crocodile/Alligator. His special Attack is called Electrico Thunder which calls down powerful paralyzing Lightning, but it didn't affect Lambo who has a special physical make-up that is immune to Lightning. His Trial is a test of Intuition. Verde is also one of the three scientists who develops the Box Weapons in the Future and some in the Past (as shown in the Arcobaleno Trials), where he is said to be dead like the other Arcobaleno. Reborn and Lal Mirch note that while Verde is an Arcobaleno, he is "not one of us," and "you can never tell what he is thinking." Verde appears to be an extremely mysterious person who is devoted to further progressing his experiments; according to Reborn, he'd do anything for them.


Colonnello is the holder of the Rain Pacifier. Although he is not part of the original seven Arcobaleno, he attained the Rain Pacifier after attempting to take Lal's place on the day that they were all turned into babies. He is in charge of the training ground behind Mafia Land and was a former member of the COMSUBIN, thus he is an expert when it come to using heavy artillery, using an anti-tank Rifle as his primary weapon. His Animal is the hawk on top of his head (in Infant form) which helps him fly to distant places. Colonnello also has a rivalry with towards Reborn and vice-versa, but despite this, he shares many traits with Reborn, like being a merciless tutor, suddenly taking naps, and having a sharp tongue. He becomes Ryohei's home tutor during the Vongola Ring Conflict, and in the Future, he is said to have died trying to protect Viper (Mammon). He is voiced by Daisuke Nakamura in the anime. Colonnello's special attack is called Maximum Burst. It shoots out an Rain Attribute Flame that is in the shape of a hawk and has strong attack force. His Trial is Combat Ability.


Skull is the holder of the Cloud Pacifier. Head of the Combat forces for the Calcassa Family, Skull wears a full leather outfit and a motorcycle helmet, which is copied by all his subordinates. His Animal is a giant armored octopus whose tentacles follow his hand and finger's movements. He is implied to be not as powerful an infant as Reborn and Colonnello, whom he calls his senpai's, and is looked down upon and ridiculed by the two. Reborn considers Skull as an errand boy and Skull, to his dismay, does not deny the fact that the only person he was an errand boy for was Reborn. He is said to have died in the Future, with the rest of the Arcobaleno. He is voiced by Tetsuya Yanagihara in the anime. Skull's special Ability is called Armored Muscled Body. When Skull uses this Ability, he becomes very muscular and impervious to pain or damage. His Trial is Charisma.


Viper is the holder of the Mist Pacifier. He is a member of the elite assassination team, the Varia, under the name Mammon| マーモン|Māmon}}. Known as the Arcobaleno's best spellcaster and Illusionist, Viper has the Ability to cast powerful Illusions, as well as being able to locate any person by sneezing into a piece of paper (he carries a roll of paper with him); the spit or mucus that sticks to the paper shows a map leading to where the desired person is. His Animal is a black frog named Fantasma that lies on top of his head. By turning into a yellow salamander and biting its tail, which forms into a "halo" above him, more properly called an "Ouroboros", a snake biting it's own tail, Fantasma can give Mammon the Ability to fly in combat. Viper's special Ability is called Viper Mirage which allows him to create powerful Illusions. His Trial is Adaptability. He claims to have been trying to break the Arcobaleno curse, and had sealed his Pacifier so that other Arcobaleno could not sense him. He has also created a Chain that conceals the power of the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, as well as the Vongola Rings. The chain is known as the Mammon Chain, but is replaced, at least by the Vongola's, by the cap that conceals the rings powers the same way as the chains. During the Ring Conflict, he defeats Chrome Dokuro, however, he is defeated by Mukuro once the latter takes possession of Chrome's body. He is said to be dead in the Future, with Gingerbread claiming that he took his own life after feeling there was no other way out. But now he has been revived by Uni after she and Gamma sacrificed themselves to revived the Arcobaleno. He is voiced by Rumi Shishido in the anime.

Luce / Aria / Yuni

Luce is the holder of the Sky Pacifier. Her Animal is a Squirrel. In the anime, Reborn says that she has a 'mysterious power of insight'. She is shown to be pregnant. It is evident that the Pacifier can be passed down from the original Arcobaleno to the next generations as Luce had passed it down to Aria who in turn passed it down to Yuni. This progression of inheritance largely contrasts with that of other families as Sky Arcobaleno have short lifespans. Aria held the Sky pacifier in the short time between Luce's and her deaths. She appeared to have had a close relationship with Gamma . In the manga,Reborn specifically states that Yuni is the Arcobaleno Boss, even though she is not an Arcobaleno herself.

In the Arcobaleno Trials Arc, Luce's daughter and Yuni's mother, Aria, was the one to administer of the Sky Trial. Aria's Trial is the Trial of Tolerance.


Fon is the holder of the Storm Pacifier and is the Master of I-Pin. He originates from China, and is also an experienced martial artist. According to Reborn, he is so strong that he has been champion of the top martial arts tournament in China for three years running. He also resembles Kyoya Hibari in terms of looks. His Animal is a Monkey, most likely a Bald Uakari. His special Attack is called Exploding Lotus Kempo which allows him to blast a chinese dragon made of Storm Flames at his opponent. His Trial is Leadership.

Lal Mirch

Lal Mirch is the holder of a corrupted pacifier. She is a female Member of the Arcobaleno who states that she cannot live up to the Arcobaleno name, considering herself to be one of its weakest members. She works along side Tsuna's father, Iemitsu in the CEDEF organization for Vongola IX. Lal Mirch plays a crucial role in the Future Arc by training Tsuna for the invasion of the Melone Base. She accompanies Tsuna's Family into the invasion and collapses after a battle against Vice-Captain of the 8th Squad, Gingerbread. After the Choice Battle, she is seen fleeing the Vongola Base after Zakuro attacks the Base. Her special Attack in the Arcobaleno Trials Arc is called Survival Blast which seems to be a set of pinpoint shotgun blasts. She beat one incomplete Box Weapon with this technique and stunned another.